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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day off - 4/14

She woke up at the usual time. As always, it was a few minutes before her alarm actually went off.

A dark and dreary dawn was slipping through the crack in the pulled curtains.

She rolled over and pulled the covers tightly in order to snuggle into the lingering warmth.

The clock ticked over to the top of the hour, but today the beeping wasn't going to shatter the sleepiness that still hung in the room. Today she wasn't going to haul out of bed, to the shower and out the door. Today, she had taken the day off.

Her eyes drooped with that pleasant thought.

The pillow's soft case coaxed her cheek to nuzzle into the feathery depths. She felt a wave of relaxation course from her shoulders to tip of her toes down at the foot of the bed.

The hazy memory of the past nights dreams started swirling with the choices of how to spend her hard earned hours of freedom.

There could be a soaking, bubble-filled bath. Maybe some time with the book that had been gathering dust on the night stand. A late breakfast followed by an early lunch? If the showers ebbed, perhaps a walk down to the park or a bike ride out on the tow path.

The details didn't matter. The day was hers. Whatever whims took hold she would be free to follow them.

For now though, the blankets held her in a soft and warm embrace. They coaxed on needed sleep. Gradually misty visions took hold, taking her to places far beyond the bedroom and house that surrounded her.

A sleepy smile coiled onto the corners of her lips while the light grew in the window and the rest of the world jumped back on their daily treadmills.

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